How To Find Great Success With HVAC

TIP! Know what you need before you hire a contractor. This is necessary so that they can give you a quote before doing any work.

The comfort of your home has a lot to do with whether or not it is being heated or cooled properly. That means your HVAC system healthy. If you do not properly care for it, you will be costing yourself a lot of money. Here are some great tips to get you keep your HVAC system running smoothly.

Clean your fan blades and coils prior to summertime. Clean the outside of your external condenser unit.

Turn it off so nothing moves.Then, take the grill off, pull the blades out, and begin cleaning the unit and them gently.

Sae 20 Oil

TIP! You must keep your HVAC systems oil ports lubricated annually. These ports are often covered by a rubber or metal cap.

Lubricate your fan condenser once a year. You can find the ports as they have a rubber or metal caps. Use SAE 20 oil that is non-detergent and lightweight, detergent-free SAE 20 oil, but make sure to avoid overfilling them.

Make sure you have your HVAC systems is checked twice a year. This should be done in the fall and the spring.

It is always a good idea to replace single-paned windows with ones that have double panes. This same effect also help you keep in heat when it gets cold.

TIP! If at all possible, install double-paned windows in your home instead of those with a single pane. Windows that are double pane keep the cool air in and can greatly reduce the amount of time your air conditioner will need to run.

During your service visit, the serviceman will inspect the unit’s motor, oil the different moving parts as well as check the system’s freon levels. This ensures your system performing at maximum efficiency.

TIP! You can keep energy costs in your home lower by choosing to have professional maintenance done on your HVAC unit. During service the technician will check the motor and refill the system fluids.

Many online sites permit customers to let others know about their experience with a service. This will make it easier for you to sort out the good from the bad.

TIP! Turn off your air conditioner when no one is home to help save money. You may want to turn your unit off if your house will not become extremely hot or cold.

Contractors are responsible for their own charges and fees, so make sure to get multiple quotes.You can save a bit of cash simply by doing your homework. You want to call at least a handful of contractors to find out what price you can reasonably expect to pay.

Check for duct leaks if you you feel your unit seems to not be working efficiently. When these leaks are fixed, you’ll find that the testing paid for itself.

Make certain they have tight seals to keep air can’t seep in.You can get a professional out to help you test them.

Square Footage

TIP! Determining the direction in which your house faces can help make the HVAC system efficient. Consider where to place trees to reduce the morning sunlight on your home.

Measure the living area you wish to cool before buying a unit. You generally need 20 BTU for each square footage of room space. If you are cooling more than one room, combine their square footage in your calculations.

Replace the air filter monthly to keep your HVAC system every month. This is the system running in tip top shape.

Ask a contractor about their experience.You need to verify they have done the sort of work you require.

Always request references prior to hiring any contractor.

Any HVAC contractor you hire should have an emergency hotline. They must be able to reach your home at any time, whether during a heatwave or a terrible snowstorm.

There are dishonest contractors that will overcharge you later for things like fuel charges and material fees. Having a signed contract can help you avoid any issues like this.

TIP! Find out what exactly your contractor plans to do. You might find that some contractors try to add hidden charges for odd items, such as materials and fuel.

Cover your condenser in the weather becomes less than optimal. This helps protect your unit is sustained when it isn’t in use. Use the fan setting only to avoid putting strain on the condenser unit.

Always follow up on any references that you receive for an HVAC contractor.

This will determine how many BTUs will be used.

TIP! Energy Star units are the best choice when purchasing a new unit. If they have Energy Star logo, then you know that the product has met the standards set for energy efficiency set forth by the EPA.

Consider have a programmable thermostat. This can save you a great deal on your energy bills as it constantly adjusts your system rests while you are comfortably warm asleep in bed.

TIP! Clean your HVAC’s heating ducts on a regular basis. Check your heating ducts at least once per month.

These units are qualified energy products that meet strict guidelines set for efficiency. The rules are evaluated by the U.S. They are in charge of protecting the EPA for short.Taking the time to fully research various units may help you get long-term savings on energy costs.

TIP! Make sure you know where the owner’s manual is anytime the system is running. The manual is always filled with useful information that you may not be able to find in tips like these.

Look for HVAC contractor that use Energy Star products and products. This rating means that is required by the product is more efficient than those without it. This means that they can help you save money on your expenses throughout the year.


Keep your system running efficiently by cleaning the heating ducts from time to time. Look often at the ducts regularly so you can make sure there is nothing wrong with them. Damaged ducts can cause your heating bill by wasting air that is warm.

Keep your condenser protected in cold weather. This may be accomplished by placing an insulating cover on it.


Be sure to ask for written HVAC company. It is important to get things in writing. There are many jobs that you to get written estimates for to see what they take. This ensures that you make sure you get good service. Compare all of the estimates you receive.


Now you know how to maintain the HVAC in your home. Do not allow it to fail on you when you do not pay attention to maintaining it regularly. Prevent your home’s temperature from getting uncomfortable by using this advice.